Sunday, March 26, 2017

Musings On 22 Series

What’s going to happen in a couple of months is this. I’ll re-publish two versions of 22 Stories. The primary re-publication will be the novel entitled 22 Stories: Falling Up. This will be the final edit of 22 Stories: Falling Upward through the Tarot. The secondary re-publication will be called 22 Stories: Web Ready Rough Draft. This will be the original novella I published online while writing the story for the first time during or shortly after the year 2000. It will be edited to an extremely small degree. Mainly just to correct narrative oversights. The clunkiness of the language and the lack of description will remain, it being an historical document, more or less.

After that, and when I find the time, I will put together 22 Stories: POV, which will be a collection of short stories, each focused on the secondary characters presented chapter by chapter in all three versions of the novel proper (Web Ready Rough Draft, Falling Upward through the Tarot, and Falling Up).

Then, if I’m ever blessed with the authorial determination to accomplish Tav: Future Perfect, I will have put together an epic sequel dealing with events spanning from 2012 to 2044. After that, I would hopefully be given the opportunity to wrap it all up with Cabal: Climbing the Tree. This one I have chosen to call a mid-quel, as it would cover the years 2012 to 2033.

Now, you may be wondering how I can still call this metaphysical science fiction if it’s already the year 2017. Well, that’s because of the metaphysical part of said descriptive term. My idea is one of competing reality timelines. In this paradigm, any given remembrance of the past, or intention for the future, creates what I call a “reality overlay” - like a visual overlay, only comprised of aspects of all known (and unknown) senses. So, our base-line reality becomes a consensual enterprise determined by the outcome of the struggle between competing magnitudes of perspectival manifestation. With this idea of multiple realities, I can play with our real world history and integrate them into the events and historical details I write about in my novels, while explaining inconsistencies in terms of this competing reality timeline framework. Wordy, I know. And heady.

Since I’ve already composed a number of chapters for all of them except Cabal, I’d like to share a little something about the narrative approach used in each of them, in sequential order.

22 Stories: Web Ready Rough Draft - This one shows the protagonists in a more mind-controlled state than any of the other versions. I presented it in the present tense mostly as an experiment, and also because my intuition told me it was a good idea.

22 Stories: Falling Upward through the Tarot - I considered rewriting everything in the past tense, but decided against. First, because I was lazy. Second, because I felt the present tense would make the protagonists feel more immediate to the reader. I tried (with the help of an editor) to make the language more “literary” - but now I feel this backfired. The writing style we ended up with was too cerebral, so the immediacy was not as immediate as I’d have liked.

22 Stories: Falling Up - Hopefully, I do this one correctly. There are some larger edits, but mostly the rewrite is simply a trimming of the language.

Tav: Future Perfect - This one is 100% literary. It is intentionally verbose, but this is cushioned both by my use of the past tense, and also by a more poetic approach to the story-telling. If I ever finish it, it will be my masterpiece.

Cabal: Climbing the Tree - I have not actually written any of this one, yet. I have only conceived a terrific, time-bending concept that will be a reflection of the events of Tav: Future Perfect.


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