Monday, January 16, 2017

Not Random

So. We watch what was done around and within my reality, past, past, present: Mer-ry Christmas!

Ahw. Ya shouldn’t have!

I mean, really, you shouldn’t have.

And in the end of that night-light flicker-test… Tossed and the rind of the banana, apple, orange, lemon? peel of my re-scheduled demise.

Say, who’s flipping whom?

You wanna throw that fire energy away,

Or siphon it off like a sippy straw for angels?

Nah. I’ll stick with my blue diamond silver steel lined spine, if you don’t mind.

N.B.: Dr. Seuss was not Dr. Roberts, unless you consider chemo for diabetes to be a good solution for spare ribs á la … duck?


My bad


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