Friday, January 13, 2017

A Momentary Meditation

When the young woman awakens, she hears a voice, telling her, “It was just a dream. Only a dream.”
And it sounds like, feels like, the voice of Christ, maybe.
And she thinks to herself how happy she is to be safe, for now, in an evil world.
And she thinks again.
But what if?
And it is the voice of another, asking, “What about others… including oneself?”
Well, for some, Limbo never truly lifts.
For there are people in places where, even if the veil is raised, the truth is still very, very frightening… and very, very real.
What to do?
Pray with her congregation to hold the Devil at bay?
Or sink in search of some place appropriately appropriated as a viable line of…

We are not alone.
We are never alone.
And, yet…

Oh, God. Yet.

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